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I have the reputation for designing and delivering Sydney's Happiest and most vibrant marriage ceremonies.
My marriage ceremonies are designed to be fun, engaging and memorable - full of "WOW FACTOR".
If you are looking for a marriage ceremony that will be the highlight of your wedding day, please take a look at some testimonials below to convince you that you are in the right place.

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What will Your mum say?

Many of the guests coming to your marriage ceremony will assume that they have to endure your marriage ceremony in order to get to the drinks!
Sadly, that will have been their experience at many other marriage ceremonies. This is your opportunity to have a marriage ceremony that is different.
In this video you will hear Cassie's mother express her surprise.
Hear her say:
"This marriage ceremony was an event! Not just a wedding!"

Some of the details

Maximum joy, minimum stress, marriage ceremony planning

Some of your fondest memories of your wedding day should be your memories of planning your marriage ceremony, and then
the joy of success.
Consult me for a maximum joy, minimum stress experience.
Every couple is different.
A modern marriage ceremony allows you to enjoy a marriage experience that is unique to you, and different to any other marriage ceremony.
The quickest way for you to learn about what is available is to call me for a chat.
Call me on 0409 713 350. I also use Skype to meet with couples and to plan the details of their marriage ceremonies.

the planning process
We meet in person, or on Skype.
Our initial meeting will get you completely clear on what kind of marriage ceremony would be perfect for you.
From that point onward, I do most of the work designing your ceremony and polishing it with you.
Same sex ceremonies
Yes, same sex marriages will probably be inevitable.
And so they should.
I can design and deliver a commitment ceremony that will will be delightful, and a door opener to the civil marriage ceremony you will enjoy when the time comes.
Your wedding reception
Unfortunately, a large proportion of wedding receptions just run out of steam.
Last impressions last.
Let me give you some ideas that will ensure that your guests will leave your wedding reception with great memories, wishing that the night could go on.
Eloping to Sydney - live out of town or overseas?
Couldn't be easier. You can marry the day you arrive.
All the arrangements can be completed on-line.
Sydney has some great locations for a marriage ceremony for you that will be a memorable experience.
You don't need to provide witnesses for your marriage ceremony, we can do that for you.
You can even get married on the top of the Harbour Bridge or in a Hot Air Balloon.
I do all the legal stuff for you
I take care of all your legal requirements.
After your marriage ceremony, I will register your marriage, and arrange for the Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages to send you an official Certificate of Marriage.
Couldn't be easier.
NO stress on your wedding day
The day of your wedding should be a fun experience, full of happy memories - one of the best days in your life.
I take all the stress out of your marriage ceremony, all you have to do is turn up and enjoy yourselves.

about me

I have been a marriage celebrant for 9 years and have conducted hundreds of marriage ceremonies.
I have served on the executive of Australian Marriage Celebrants Inc, Australia's largest professional marriage celebrant association. I recently started the Master Celebrants Association, a professional association for the top performing marriage celebrants.
I love my job, it's very rewarding - helping my couples, their families, and their friends experience pure joy.

How I became a marriage celebrant

I have a special interest in behavioural science. I taught presenting skills as an outside consultant to many top organisations.
My brother in law got married, and his marriage ceremony sparked my interest in applying my skills to designing and presenting, unusual, heartfelt and memoralbe marriage ceremonies.

A blend of HEART and science

Writing a personalised marriage ceremony for you is like writing a script for a show.
The show is about the two of you giving social recognition to a marriage that already exists.
The venue, the dresses, the flowers set the scene.
We deliver the show. Wow!

We have been receiving the most amazing feedback from our guests - they are saying it was the best wedding ceremony they have ever seen,
and we certainly feel that way too. 

Mim and Jai Moran

Our guests were thrilled with the ceremony and we just wanted to pass these compliments on to you; the ceremony was definitely the highlight of the Wedding.

Mitchell and Samantha

You were impeccable. You were charismatic and confident and led the ceremony beautifully. Your work is superb, it is hard to think of any

emma and barty

Thank you for all your help in making one of the most important parts of our day the memorable and enjoyable success that it was. It really was perfect.

rick and amy

You truly did produce a wonderful once in a lifetime experience. Some guests talked about you all night - and some are still talking about you now! 

Leilani and Daniel

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