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The weddings that people talk about

Do you want your guests to talk about your wedding in the years to come?

Do you want to be the envy of your married friends who will
wish they'd had a ceremony like yours?

Then talk to me! My background is in behavioural science.
I am the only celebrant who offers a guarantee of success.
If guests are not saying that your ceremony is the best ceremony they have ever attended, you can ask for your fee back!

Prepare to be amazed

If you are looking forward to a Joyful, Fun, Stress-Free wedding, you have everything to gain by
calling me now for an obligation free, expert consultation.
During our meeting we'll draft out a unique, personalised marriage ceremony that will blow you away.

Your best decision

Your celebrant will make or break your wedding. The best decision you can make for your wedding day is to choose a marriage celebrant who you can trust to deliver.

Stress free

Many brides allow stress to ruin what should have been a joyful occasion.
I give you a maximum joy, minimum stress experience.
All you have to do is turn up.


You never get a second chance to make a good last impression. Plan to send your reception guests home on a high note. Ask me how to make your wedding reception a great experience for you guests.

Vow to Wow!

Your guests will say "Wow! That was really them!"
I bring your marriage ceremony to the place that you are as a couple - not stretching to pretend you are someone you are not.

Martin Moroney Marriage Celebrant
Have Fun - Stagecraft

My background is in behavioural science. I have stagecraft skills that you will value.
The stagecraft of your marriage celebrant will make your ceremony a fun, engaging and a memorable experience.
Without stagecraft, your marriage ceremony will be DRY, LEGAL and SOULLESS.

Same Sex Marriage Ceremony
Same sex marriages

Give your love the weapons to conquer all!
Same sex marriages are a bit new to some wedding guests. Don't wing it!
Plan to transform their thinking, inspire and uplift them - change their hearts, and give them a new understanding of why you are a couple.

Personalised marriage ceremony

This is your opportunity to tell your friends and your family that they are important to you, why you love them, why you love each other, and what your hopes are for your future together.
I am trained in the art of storytelling, and I will tell your story for you. How you met, how you grew to love each other, how you plan your future together.

Wedding guest performing a reading
Highly Engaging

Allow your guests to participate in your ceremony, not just witnessing what is going on.
Surprise and delight them by giving them roles in your ceremony.
Your ceremony will be the envy of your married friends.
Ask for my suggestions - you'll be surprised, delighted at my original and fresh ideas.

Are you on a tight budget?

If you need at bit of room to breathe financially, or don't want a lot of fuss, we can provide a premium marriage ceremony wrapped up in a Budget Package.
You can enjoy a marriage ceremony for 40 guests at one of our two top Sydney venues for an inclusive price of $8,950 - and that includes your celebrant, your photographer and a drinks and canapes package for 40 guests. For details go to www.popupweddings.me


I guarantee that we will produce a marriage ceremony that is the wedding of your dreams.

Call me for a chat to make sure we are a good fit, and to arrange to meet.
Our meeting is your fast track method of getting fully up to speed about all you need to know about your marriage ceremony. My good ideas will save you money

For phone enquiries please call Martin Moroney on 0409 713 350

email me at martin@marriagerites.com.au or use the attached form.

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